In my catering, I let the food do the talking…

Celebrating its own colours… Showcasing its natural beauty… Singing its orchestrated flavours and textures. My offerings continue to evolve as I create a unique and memorable experience for each one of my clients. Trust in my passion and creativity has given birth to unique, creative and showstopping events.

From my signature buffets to intimate shared dining. Flowing grazing tables to bite size finger food and delectable sweets. You can even just order to pick up and go.

I would be honoured to talk with you about your event.
— Nimrod Kazoom


A delicious middle-eastern buffet, rustically served in large pans and on wooden boards.

  • Nimrod’s signature style buffets.

  • A lush selection of dishes served in giant pans stretching as far as the eye can see.

  • From 50 - 350 people.

  • Working within your budget to create a show stopping display of colours and tastes.

  • All dietary requirements can be catered for.

Shared Table Banquet

An intimate sharing experience

  • Food served in small pans and dishes in the middle of each table.

  • A great option to have entrees awaiting your guests.

  • Working with your table decorations we use copper, wood and pans to create a rustic display.

  • A great ice breaker for guests, shared dining bringing people together.

  • Works perfectly as the first course before a mains buffet.

  • All dietary requirements can be catered for.

Pick Up

Simply pick up from our restaurant, and serve in your own home. Unwrap and enjoy!

  • Let us do the hard work for you!

  • Simply let us know what you would like and for when.

  • Pick up from the restaurant, unwrap, heat/serve.

  • Choose to have it already plated in our paella pans for a beautiful display or simply in aluminium for heating and to serve in your own vessels at home.

  • Starting from 10 people.

  • All dietary requirements can be catered for.

Grazing Tables

Tables overflowing with anything your heart desires... In this case more is more…

  • Everything is possible

  • From cheese and crackers to oysters and pintxos and everything in between.

  • Perfect as a unique style entree, stand alone or sweets.

  • Decorated using quirky, vintage and rustic items sparkling with fairy lights.

  • All dietary requirements can be catered for.

Finger Food Canapes

Bite sized morsels to get the party started

  • A classy and fun way to serve guests in a standing environment.

  • Delicious mini mouthfuls with endless possibilities.

  • Perfect to keep guests happy during the wait between ceremony and reception.

  • Creative and unique ideas that are constantly evolving to suit your wishes.

  • Sent to your guests in waves to ensure everyone has something to nibble on.

  • All dietary requirements can be catered for.

Kosher Catering (KAWA)

Mazal Tov! From Weddings to Bar/Bat mitzvahs, KAWA certified events.

  • We are honoured to be the chosen caterer for UIAWA.

  • Tastes and memories from home, childhood and recipes passed down from Mama Kazoom.

  • Both Sefaradi and Ashkenazi cuisines and innovative takes on traditions.

  • Kosher ingredients used in a fully supervised and approved kitchen.

  • All dietary requirements can be catered for.

Sweet Moments

Platters and grazing tables to finish the night

  • Bite size Middle Eastern inspired sweets that perfectly compliment the meal.

  • Served on platters or created into beautiful grazing tables along with cheese, fresh fruit nuts and more.

  • Perfect accompaniment to the bridal cake or Cheese ‘‘cake’’ tower.

  • Can be ordered as a stand alone item and also as a ‘pick up’style from the restaurant.

  • All dietary requirements can be catered for.